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Air force are one of the strongest arms of armed forces, and they are rightly called “sky lords” in some countries. They make playing with danger while sitting on high-powered supersonic jets at hypersonic speeds a habit and protect the skies of their countries from enemy penetration.

Like all other military branches, they create records or tales of daring to do their duty on the field. Usually, the Air Force awards coins and other souvenirs to the achiever, which we are well–known for designing, creating, and finishing to the highest quality.

You can contact us to collect or create Custom Air Force coins in different varieties.

Do you know custom Air Force coins can save you from getting killed?

The coins created by armed forces are non-financial and are used for communication and identification. Moreover, these customized coins can save a soldier’s life on the battlefield. Generally, these cons mention the unit number, contain a symbol, or some identifying characteristics for that particular country or squadron.

  • • So, if the Air Force soldier is forced to crash into unknown territory and loses their identification papers, they can still get saved from political death or death by friendly fire.
  • • The customized coin can buy him time till the capturers have ascertained their identity.
  • • They will get free without any problem if they get arrested by a friendly country’s armed forces.
  • • Moreover, soldiers can wear them across the neck or as a bracelet – so that it has the least losing chance.

Incidentally, a similar situation with a British Air Force pilot gave rise to the custom of keeping challenge coins within soldiers.

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