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Custom Challenge Coin Maker - Patented Bottle Opener - Veteran Owned & Operated, custom coin manufacturer, creates coins in the following materials: brass, 24K Gold, .999 Fine Silver, copper and zinc-alloy, iron upon special request, Nickel-Silver and a few others. Platings are applied to non-precious metals. Choose from 20+ standard challenge coin finishes for your next custom challenge coin order.

The challenge coin history is a story to be read. Challenge Coin production time starts with manufacturing coins after artwork approval allows for the creation to come to life from digital form. Dies with 3D coin detail are some things to consider. You will be recognized in selecting Coinable as your coin maker. Our coins are not cheap, nor cheaply made. Coinable produces coins of the highest quality from factories in USA, South Korea, Taiwan, and China.

Use our custom coin template to design the coins you wish to have minted. Our coin designers can make and create your custom challenge coins, tokens, doubloons, bottle opener coins, and more. The makers of the coins will have the proper instructions based upon the coin design layout produced in-house by our trained graphic designers. Our coin designers produce some of the best unit and command coins for the military: Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines, along with business card coins for corporations, law enforcement coins, and so much more.

Whether a small business, LLC, or Corporation, safety is always key for everyone. Safety coins promote awareness. Recognize your employees or cohorts with an award to commemorate Custom challenge coins and custom coins made by the excellent team making your coins the best example minted commemorative coins. Personalized and customized, creating a wonderful coin-making experience.

Use custom challenge coins or other metal made coins to signify your next achievement, anniversary coins, or fundraiser coins. The ideas for custom coin making are limitless to thousands of colors, features, and finishes. All special shapes and challenge coin sizes up to 7.87” Die cast or die struck coins can be made. USA is limited to 1.5, 1.75”, and 2” round coins only that are die struck coins.

Military challenge coins are used by all branches of the Armed Services. Custom brass coins are most popular; it is the cheapest material other than iron. Award your unit with a unit coin from

Coin manufacturing at its finest. Custom military challenge coins have personal pride engraved in the meaning of giving a customized commemorative coin to give to someone in the military or civilian world. Just be sure to share the challenge coin rules. veteran honed skills, creativity that flows and knowledge to produce, new innovative and useful custom coins for those who seek the best. With software to design and engineer: medallions, key chains, spinner coins, dog tag coins, lapel pins, bringing you, your next creation. Your factory of choice have skilled craftspeople and all workers build these custom coins mostly by hand.

Challenge coins, military coins, custom challenge coins, or custom coins, made by are the finest examples this challenge coin company can muster. We most times work late, so reveille or phone calls are not often heard, send us an email, leave a message, or submit a custom coin quote for accurate challenge coin pricing. – for our original custom coin site with many more examples.

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Coinable: Premier Challenge Coin Craftsmanship

Originating from World War I, the tradition of challenge coins carries a compelling history. A British Air Force pilot narrowly escaped execution thanks to a metal medallion from his squadron, sparking the challenge coin manufacturers tradition.

Adopted widely, this tradition tasks members within certain groups to present their squadron’s coin or purchase a round of drinks. Conversely, if unable, they must reciprocate. This custom thrives in numerous military units, underscoring our commitment to supplying only top-tier custom coins.

Our Core Offerings

Right from the outset, we communicate transparently with our clients: we steer clear of inferior challenge coins. Renowned as a leading challenge coin manufacturer, we guarantee only the use of premium metals and intricate fittings.

  • Our adept artisans craft bespoke challenge coins utilizing brass, .999 fine silver, 24K Gold, copper, nickel-silver, and copper-zinc alloy, among other materials upon request.
  • Responsive to unique client desires, we also work with iron and other distinctive materials.
  • Equipped with extensive expertise, our coin manufacturing specialists customize numerous finishes to align with client preferences. Interested in coin plating? Our offerings extend to a variety of non-precious metals.
  • For those seeking distinguished and memorable coin finishes, we boast over 20 standard challenge coin finishes for your next bespoke order.
Flexible and Reliable Delivery Schedules

Challenge coins often mark significant events or milestones, necessitating timely delivery. Our dedicated schedules ensure your orders arrive within a preferred timeframe, upholding our reputation as a dependable challenge coin manufacturer.

  • Standard orders, absent of samples, are fulfilled between 35 to 45 days, aligning with a 5 to 6-week delivery period.
  • Orders requesting samples are processed within 21 to 26 days for the sample and an additional 21 to 25 days for the final challenge coins, culminating in a total of approximately 45-55 days.
  • RUSH orders are expedited to ensure delivery within a swift 30 days to 4-week timeframe.
  • Reorders of previous projects benefit from an accelerated delivery, completed in under 30 days.