.999 FINE Silver and 24K Solid Gold Custom Coins Made in the USA .

We only offer tooling in the 39mm, 47mm and 51mm size for round coins made in the USA. To see examples of the different finishes available for these custom coins: PROOF, PROOF-LIKE, BUSINESS STRIKE, and SATIN,

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PROOF – NO FLAWS or DEFECTS – polished blanks, double struck PROOF-LIKE – may contain some defects – polished blanks, double struck BUSINESS STRIKE & BRASS GOLD LIKE – rough brass, struck once SATIN – frosted finish BUILLION STRIKE – rough brass, struck once

Special Shape Challenge Coins cannot be made in the USA.

39mm (1.54″)
.999 FINE Silver
Custom Silver Coins — Die Fee Per side — 25-99 — 100-299 — 300-999 — 1000+
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PROOF-LIKE TBD quote quote quote quote
BUSINESS STRIKE TBD quote quote quote quote
SATIN TBD quote quote quote quote
BULLION STRIKE TBD quote quote quote quote

Silver and gold coins do not include the cost of metal. Add SPOT price to each coin. To fill the same void of a 1oz round silver with gold requires 2oz.

39mm (1.54″)
24K Gold
Custom Gold CoinsDie Fee Per side25-99100-299300-9991000+
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PROOF-LIKE TBD quote quote quote quote
BUSINESS STRIKE TBD quote quote quote quote

Brass and Nickel Silver include the price of the metal.

39mm (1.54″)
Custom Brass CoinsDie Fee Per side100-299300-499500-9991000+
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PROOF-LIKE TBD quote quote quote quote
BUSINESS STRIKE TBD quote quote quote quote
SATIN TBD quote quote quote quote
BULLION STRIKE TBD quote quote quote quote
39mm (1.54″)
Nickel SilverDie Fee Per side25-99100-299300-9991000+
PROOF-LIKE TBD quote quote quote quote

24K Gold Solid Gold

  • 47mm Size: $10.00 each, requires 2 troy oz.
Packaging Options available: Coin Capsules, Tubes, Awards Hardware, Display boxes, Easels & More!

If you want to use your own silver or gold, to retain the same metal in return there will be a smelting and blanking charge. Before shipping your gold, please send in all numbers on the bars for our verification. We only accept verified bars. Upon verification we will issue a serial number to place on your package for shipment. You are responsible for all shipping insurance. Upon our signature we will accept responsibility for your metal. Your coins will be returned to the billing address only on the credit card, signature required.


Today’s Date


(42-56 days)

If the order was placed today, WITH SAMPLE, your sample brass coin would arrive:

Your full order will arrive*:

(31-36 days for the sample, 31-35 days for full production, 45-55 days total)

If the order was placed today, for a REORDER, you will receive your full precious metal coin order by:

(less than 30 days)

* Prompt approval is necessary via email photograph of the precious metal coin, approvals via mailed coin sample may
delay production.

All dates shown above allow for three days for artwork turnaround, with a prompt approval of the coin artwork. Artwork is posted for your approval within 24 hours of receipt of the custom doubloon order form. The additional days are for any changes that you make. No guarantees can be made for the arrival of your order. The above time frame is a general turnaround time for an order that does not involve any issues, such die breakage (to remake a die, takes 1-2 days,) or any problems that may arise.
Looking for Custom Gold Coins and Mementos: Get in Touch With Coinable

People and companies require mementos to award, commemorate, or keep a memory of certain events or achievements. Especially in armed forces or groups with fixed training and targets, having a coin holds a certain honor; often, the unit heads award these coins to an achieving soldier

However, the coins are just pieces of metal – the designs, emblem, and the company, unit, or squadron logo make it a memorable achievement.

Therefore, it is important to get the most beautiful and high–quality custom brass coins, and we, as the most renowned custom coin manufacturer, can ensure its highest standard.

We Offer Standardized Service For Custom Gold Coins

Are you looking for the best–quality custom gold coins and be assured of their quality? We offer the chance to create and deliver high-quality gold coins from the gold you will provide, something other companies don’t provide. However, we require the following to ensure transparent dealing:

  • • We require a smelting and blanking charge to ensure you get the same material you provide in your ordered coin.
  • • We use only verified metal bars, so the customers need to send all the numbers present on the metal slab for verification. Moreover, the clients will need to send the gold to us.
  • • We will issue a serial number for your order after verification, which will be used to ship these gold bars.
  • • The customers will need to pay for shipping insurance.
  • • After we sign and verify your delivery, we will take responsibility for your metal. However, our obligation won’t cover any development with the metal bar before we sign for it.
  • • We will deliver the finally prepared coins to the billing address mentioned in your given credit card and will need your signature for the dealing.

We usually create our gold coins in 47 mm size requiring 2 troy oz. The price comes to around $10 each. If you need a Custom brass coin in the same or different dimensions, you need only to contact us, and we can offer our services to make your coin vision a reality!

We also offer multiple packaging options for our gold and other metal coins, including tubes, coin capsules, display boxes, awards hardware, and many more. We will deliver your custom metal coin order within 42 – 56 days of manufacturing instructions.

Can you suggest or give artwork for coin design? If yes, what to do?

Do you need clarification about the starting point when designing custom silver coins for your purpose? We offer a custom design template on our website. The clients can download it, design their unique coins, and send it to us. Moreover, our team has established and skilled designers who can even arrange 3D designs if the customers ask for them.

We also accept artwork from customers for creating their unique metal cons. However, the client’s coin design standard will finally depend on the customer’s original art file, so you should send us the best-quality artwork. Importantly, we reserve the right to reject any client–delivered artwork if it fails to meet our product quality standards with our equipment.

Therefore, you should send your artwork in the correct format. Feel free to ask about the layout or our custom coin–making process.


A simple layout is all we need to create your coins.

Let’s make a coin template from a coin design idea and turn it into a Custom Coin. We have created a Microsoft Powerpoint presentation template for your use when designing your custom coin. brJust right click on
the link below and save target as… Send your images, ideas, template to: contact us for customized & personalized coins COINABLE.COM – COIN TEMPLATE
Take a look at this challenge coin slide show for a review of basic coin making ideas?
Challenge_Coins_Slide_Show_2017 PDF version of the Challenge Coin Slide Show