100 coin minimum order/100 coin minimum reorder, Prices are subject to change without notice. Quotes given are good for 30 days unless otherwise stated in your specific quote.

Challenge Coin Finishes Large Challenge Coin

Up to 304.8mm or 12″ coins can be made using the die-cast process!

Our 40mm Challenge Coins are larger than 1.5″ (38mm,) Challenge Coins offered by others. All of our standard challenge coins are 3-3.5mm thick, brass or copper, die-struck coins, which are hand-painted with quality and care. Zinc-alloy may be required.

BIGGER is better, (2mm is almost the thickness of the coin.)
Our standard thickness is 3mm for 2D coins, and 3.5 for 3D coins.
If you would like the smaller 38mm custom challenge coin we can offer that for you, which is often made by all other’s.

  • 2 millimeters = 0.0787401575 inches
  • 3 millimeters = 0.118110236 inches

Other challenge coin sizes and custom special shapes coins are available, for special requests contact us for custom challenge coins.

Replicate, Reproduce, Redesign or Duplicate your existing Challenge Coins!

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We still offer traditional custom coin ordering here: order challenge coins