Custom Coins

Military unit coins are awards a command have personalized and customized, also known as military challenge coins. Command unit coins have been made for almost a century.

Designers take the creators ideas and digitize them using vector and raster software.

Coin making begins with your email or quote request. Custom challenge coins are great promotional coins, a piece to designate recognition.

Custom coins have the following names as descriptions:

Coin manufacturing: custom navy coins, custom army coins, custom air force coins, and military coins since 2003 coin designers are here to assist your challenge coin making experience.

custom coin templatechallenge coin template

Please include the following with your coin sketch if not using a computer:

Fonts used: Arial, Times New Roman, Georgia?
PMS colors used?

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Great Challenge Coins start with Great Challenge Coin Artwork generated by our in-house coin graphic design team.

Custom coins have been in production since 560BC.

Our time in the business is a little less than that, but so much to learn from all of our resources.