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Military unit coins are awards a command have personalized and customized, also known as military challenge coins. Command unit coins have been made for almost a century.

Designers take the creators ideas and digitize them using vector and raster software.

Coin making begins with your email or quote request. Custom challenge coins are great promotional coins, a piece to designate recognition.

Custom coins have the following names as descriptions:

Coin manufacturing: custom navy coins, custom army coins, custom air force coins, and military coins since 2003 coin designers are here to assist your challenge coin making experience.

custom coin templatechallenge coin template

Please include the following with your coin sketch if not using a computer:

Fonts used: Arial, Times New Roman, Georgia?
PMS colors used?

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Great Challenge Coins start with Great Challenge Coin Artwork generated by our in-house coin graphic design team.

Custom coins have been in production since 560BC.

Our time in the business is a little less than that, but so much to learn from all of our resources.


Getting Exquisite Coins Portraying History from Coinable

The world is full of events – some important to a particular group of people who want to ensure the future generation remembers them and shares the associated stories.

For example, soldiers can fight wars so their children can grow up independently and enjoy the taste of making their own decisions. Many methods exist to commemorate past important events and the roles of one’s predecessors involved with the event.

One of the most effective ways to remember their sacrifice or involvement is to prepare high–grade coins from the most recommended .

We serve as an engraved patch of metal that reminds our customers about an important event or achievement. Hiring us to get the order quickly is the best choice.

Options to choose from various types

The most obvious advantage of choosing us, the leading custom coin manufacturer, is their huge array of options.

As the most renowned agency creating unique and customized coins, we have skilled staff to create different coins in various sizes, colors, and shapes per our customer’s requirements.

  • ● Our collection features coins depicting daily occurrences and special occasions and is functional enough to make any event special for the customer or the wearer.
  • ● We can also create coins that assist in daily tasks and commemorate events – making them multipurpose. These coins are usually utilized in inns, festivals, or promotional events with or without food.
  • ● These multifaceted coins are great for branding and marketing one’s company or products, as the user will keep them around because of their functionality. Giving the coins to participants in one of these events can be an effective advertising technique.
Creating samples before final production

You might not be able to decide on the design you want at the first trial when preparing personalised coins from custom coin makers and changing or adding something more after the first draft.

As one of the most proficient custom-made coin makers, we have immense experience and will also prepare a sample coin before the final production order is given to our customers.

Besides that, our customers can prepare the coins in any size, colour, shape, or other dimensions – they only need to give us a template or sample to prepare a dye. We will provide the quickest possible manufacturing and customer delivery time once the client has finalised the design, given a final print order, and they have prepared a dye.

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As a reliable and trusted custom coin manufacturer, we will take more time to prepare and fully deliver an order if the customers implement more complex customizations during the designing phase.

So, looking for a custom coin manufacturer? Get in touch with us today!