Custom Challenge Coin Minting Quality Comparison


Below is a full comparison using a 3D rendering from a custom coin project and coinable artwork. Notice that coins crafted in South Korea have amazing detail and finish — that’s because of their specialized craftsmanship, attention to quality, and their abilities to surface the fine-details of a design.

South Korean Made Custom Coins

These coins were manufactured at our South Korean coin making facility. All other coins listed in the challenge coin section are China made. These custom coins stand out from other custom made coins. Sharp edges that make text and graphics vibrant. To see more comparisons of quality for South Korean made coins vs. China made, visit:

While this section of our site begins to grow, visit our sister company, all coins mostly featured on that site are South Korean in origin. Materials are the same for all, however most people agree, hands down the quality is much deeper in relief. Ask for more details.