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At Coinable, we bring over two decades of experience in crafting custom navy coins, army coins, air force coins, and military coins since 2003. Our expertise as a veteran-owned business ensures that each custom challenge coin is meticulously crafted to commemorate significant moments and achievements.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Coinable is a veteran-owned custom coin manufacturer committed to quality, reliability, and excellence. Our founder, a professional graphic designer with over two decades of experience, leads our team in creating high-quality custom challenge coins. We emphasize premier craftsmanship and utilize premium metals and intricate fittings to produce the finest custom coins.

Craftsmanship and Quality

Our veteran-honed skills and creativity set us apart in the custom coin industry. Using advanced software for designing medallions, key chains, spinner coins, dog tag coins, and lapel pins, we ensure each coin is a work of art. Our skilled craftspeople build custom coins mostly by hand, ensuring the highest quality.

Explore our extensive range of unique features, including dual plating, edge cutting, and sandblasting, which enhance the quality and aesthetic of our custom challenge coins. We offer over 25 unique features, setting us apart from any other coin company in the market.

Every custom coin we produce is a cherished, lasting memento, crafted with detailed attention from initial concept to final delivery.

For design assistance, refer to our Custom Coin Design Template page.

The Coinable Custom Challenge Coin Legacy

Custom coins have been in production since 560BC. At Coinable, we draw inspiration from historical coins such as the Electrum Stater of Miletos. Our custom challenge coins are designed to carry on this rich tradition of craftsmanship and quality.

We adhere to the traditional challenge coin rules and strive to produce coins that reflect the pride and honor of military and civilian achievements.

Read about the history of challenge coins and the rules that govern them.

Usage and Applications

Custom challenge coins are versatile and can be used to recognize achievements, commemorate anniversaries, fundraise, and promote safety awareness. Whether for military, corporate, or personal use, our custom coins are designed to meet a wide range of needs.

Available Products for Minting

Coinable offers a wide range of custom products to suit various needs and preferences:

Manufacturing Locations

We produce high-quality custom challenge coins in factories located in the USA, South Korea, Taiwan, and China. Our diverse manufacturing locations ensure that we can meet a variety of design and budgetary needs.

For details on the manufacturing process, visit our Custom Challenge Coin Manufacturing page.

Contact and Additional Information

For more information or to start your custom coin project, contact us via email or message, or submit a custom coin quote. Explore our FAQs, Terms of Service, and Sitemap.
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